Colesburg Cornet Band, c. 1892

Courtesy of Gordon E. Shaffer

Digital scan of photograph

About This Image

This image is courtesy of Gordon E. Shaffer. About it he writes:

"[This] photo is a scan of the [Colesburg Cornet] band taken around 1892. The original was printed on cardboard and is badly damage... My grandmother labelled it simply as "FR Shaffer, drummer, at the Old Mill". Frank Riley Shaffer was my grandfather, and he is the man with the bass drum. His brother, Walter Scott Shaffer is directly to his left, and Bud [Shaffer] is standing 4th from the right. Mr. Birkholz [the local photographer] was also a member of the band, but I don't know if he is pictured here. The other five members were A.L. Landis, George Landis, Harry Keller, William Bolsinger, and E.W. Knee, but I haven't determined which is which in the photo."

May, 2019

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