Iowa State Band and Jeffers'
Des Moines

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Despite its name, the Iowa State Band had no connection with Iowa State University. It was an independent organization based in Des Moines that performed concerts throughout the state. This postcard was obviously designed to be used in the band's marketing.


Newspaper Reference

Albert City (Ia) Appeal, December 1, 1911

The management of the Albert City Opera house is indeed fortunate in securing the Jeffers Iowa State Band Concert Co. for an engagement in our city. This is a splendid company composed of the soloists of The Great Iowa State Band, under the direction of that clever leader, Mr. J.W. Jeffers, who has surrounded himself with the best musical talent in America. This excellent organization will present all the latest things in music, readings and song hits, a superb concert orchestra; the best ever heard in the country. A program never before given on a concert tour. They will appear at the Albert City Opera house Friday, December 1st. [5]