Series: Touring Directors

Not all of the bands that regularly entertained Iowans during the first decades of the 20th-century were from Iowa. There were many professional concert bands who regularly made appearances in Iowa where they could always count on large, enthusiastic audiences. In addition to their highly polished playing, the bands wore elaborate uniforms and maintained immaculate bearing.

Most critical to their success, however, were the flamboyant, charismatic directors who led the the groups. These gentlemen were sometimes virtuosic performers who were featured as soloists with their own bands. In addition, they were often foreign born. Thus, their accents and mannerisms added to their mystique.

Many of these bands made annual appearances in Iowa where they were booked as headliners at the State Fair, county fairs, chautauqua circuits, and other civic events. Thus, fans of these groups had many opportunities to hear their favorite groups.

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Bohumir Kryl


Alessandro Liberati


A. F. Thaviu


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