Fall Festival parade, Oct. 8-9,

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This postcard captures a small band in a make-shift band wagon for Russell's annual Fall Festival. For some small towns, the Fall Festival served as an annual home-coming - an occasion former residents to renew old friendships and for the local church ladies to make some money off of them.



Newspaper Accounts

THE CHARITON HERALD, Thursday, Oct. 1, 1908

CORRESPONDENCE, Russell: Don't forget that next Thursday and Friday are the days for the Russell Fall Festival. They will be gathering homeward, the old and young, the halt, the blind, the lame, and the dumb, for this is a home coming which all should attend, to witness the returns of the season and respond to God's blessings with a hearty Amen.


THE CHARITON HERALD, Thursday, Oct. 15, 1908

CORRESPONDENCE, Russell: The Ladies of the Presbyterian and Christian churches served meals both days during the Fall Festival and were amply repaid for their efforts, as the proceeds were large.


Glenn Jennings had the misfortune to have his team run away Thursday evening as he was returning from the Fall Festival to his home at Confidence. He ran the team in the wire fence to stop them and they became so badly entangled in the wire he had to cut his harness considerable to get them out. He and his companion were not hurt but perhaps a little excited.