Wheatland Whizz Bang Orchestra

Dance card, undated


About This Image

This image of the Wheatland Whizz Bang Orchestra is taken from a dance card, a card or a small booklet that carried by a young woman at a dance and upon which she recorded the names of all the young men to whom she had promised a dance. (See the back of the card below.) The use of dance cards dates back to the 18th-century. By the 'Roaring 20s, however, this formal convention was well on its way out. Nonetheless, Whizz Bangs took advantage of it as a means of promotion.

Another instance of Whizz Bang self-promotion is evident in their 1920 publication of the Whizz Bang Harmony Waltz. The sheet music cover features a highly animated jazz band above a caption that reads "Written and Played by The 'Whizz Bang Orchestra,' Wheatland, Iowa, Published by Whizz Bang Orchestra, Wheatland, Iowa." Unfortunately, the music - typical waltz fare - is not as exciting as the picture.

Back of dance card, undated