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This postcard shows the Charles City bandstand, which was constructed in 1908. Planning and fund-raising for the structure was spear-headed by the ladies of the City Improvement Association. Electric lights were still something of a novelty in 1908, so the townspeople were very excited about the ornate light fixtures that were built into the bandstand. The Indiana company that furnished the posts subsequent featured the Charles City bandstand in its advertising.

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Newspaper Accounts

The Charles City Daily Intelligencer

August 6, 1908

A RED TAG DAY SOON - Organizations in many cities issue one day of the year a series of tags selling at a nominal price for each, and the citizens are asked to be tagged. The money thus gained is put into a fund for the support of some special purpose. In this way all the people old and young contribute to a good cause. The city improvement society are appointing Saturday for this purpose. The funds thus raised will be applied to the new band stand. Have your change ready. Let all be tagged in the cause of Charles City improvement.

August 11, 1908

TAG DAY WAS BIG SUCCESS - The material for the new band stand is being taken to the city park today, and the work of construction will commence at once. Saturday's tagging brought in about $150.00 for the new band stand fund. It was an amusing way of raising the money and the sellers and buyers of tags are all to be commended for their persistence and patience. One of the taggers remarked that all the world divided into two classes, "Tagged and untagged, loose and tight." From the viewpoint of the victims the division would probably seem to have been between taggers and himself, one man against a host. The new method is a good one - for once. And the cause for which it was employed is one in which every one in Charles City is interested. The band concerts are an important feature of our summer, and we are all glad to help them. The City Improvement association desires to thank all whole helped in the enterprise.

August 15, 1908

The new band stand being erected in the park will be a thing of beauty and we hope a joy forever. Four ornamental light posts bearing four lights each are now being erected and when the concrete platform is laid around them the new stand will certainly look like something worth having. The ladies of the City Improvement Association are certainly to be congratulated.

September 25, 1908

The dedication of the new city band stand last night was one of the pleasant public events in the history of the city. It also marks the culmination of another epoch of public improvement. With the big clusters of bright lights around the stand supplemented by strings of electric japanese lanterns strung around the walks, the park presented a very pretty appearance. The crowd that assembled was one of the largest seen in the park this summer. Many vehicles and automobiles were also gathered on the surrounding streets. The ceremonies of the dedication were brief but quite impressive, and certainly neat and appropriate. The new band stand was a matter of necessity, as the old one had long since grown too small for the comfortable accommodation of the band. A year ago last spring an effort was made by the members of the band to enlarge the old stand, and the matter even got before the council. The ladies of the city improvement society, however, devised more elaborate plans for a permanent structure more lasting than the wooden one and of a more artistic appearance. Charles City has a band of which everyone is proud. They have gained a reputation thru-out the state, and it was felt that they were deserving of the best that could be had...

Following these ceremonies the band took their places in the stand, and gave one of the best concerts of the season. Each number was roundly applauded and everybody made merry. Under the direction of Mrs. Charles Snyder, assisted Mrs. H. H. Amos and Mrs. J. L. Parker, many were served with refreshments. The ladies realized a neat sum from this source. Chas. Snyder presided as cashier. On the whole the evening was one of the enjoyable public events when the entire city met on common grounds. Everyone is proud of the new band stand and of our unexcelled musical organization, but for whom it would not have been necessary.

May 8, 1909

Charles City people will be interested to know that the George Cutter Company of South Bend, Indiana, from whom the City Lighting and Heating company bought the posts for the City Improvement band stand last year, are using a cut of the band stand on all their advertising matter, and other towns have been sufficiently interested by it, to write here to make inquiries as to the cost of the stand. We sometimes feel that we are not accomplishing much with our efforts after city improvement, because what we do accomplish is so far short of what we would like to do, but people from other towns are frequently letting us know that they would like to do as much as we have.

Newspaper clipping courtesy of the Floyd County Museum

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